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Easyuganda Pay4me payment servicesFrequently Asked Questions
  1. I need a brief info about Easyuganda ?
    Go to www.easyuganda.net
  2. What are the features available with you?
    Please visit http://easyuganda.net/services/
  3. Where can I get registered to use Easyuganda Pay4Me services?
  4. What do i need a Visa/Master Card, Paypal to use the servce?
    No , you don't need any card to use this service you only need to have local uganda shillings we shall do the rest.
  5. How much will you charge me for this Easyuganda Pay4Me services?
    Please click the link here for our charges. http://www.easyuganda.net/prices/
  6. Where can i use this Easyuganda Pay4Me service?
    You can use this service to pay any Merchant on internet who accepts . Visa, Paypal, Mastercard,Payza, Skrill (Money brookers) as the only payment method e.g Godaddy , Facebook ads, Google ads, Ebay, Amazon, Alibaba, Rapidshare, Domain registration and Hosting. etc..
  7. How secure can i be if i pay using your service?
    Easyuganda its self has a merchant account with I&M bank in Kenya. We verify bank to bank so that we don't pay your money to fraudstars and scammers.
  8. How will you be able to pay for my checkout under my account on a Service providers website?
    We shall need to collect logins details from a token secured form.
  9. What are the payment methods supported by EasyUganda Pay4Me services?
    We currently accept cash , MTN Mobile Money 0774603668l.
  10. How do i know that the payment has been paid on my behalf?
    Once we have finished paying on your behalf we will notify witth an SMS.
  11. What is the minimum amount you can Pay on my behalf.?
    We have no minimum . we can pay any amount .
  12. How do I know whether EasyUganda Pay4Me is appropriate for me?
    Go to www.easyuganda.net/services/ for testimonies from our clients that have tried our services.
  13. Can i send in more than one Pay4Me requests ?
    Yes you can send is as many requests as you want , we shall be in position to pay for them on your behalf.
  14. Why do I need a username and password with myEasyUganda Account?
    Your password keeps your EasyUganda account completely private and personal. The password assures that you are the only one sending messages from your account. Except of course you share such details with someone.
  15. What can I do if I forget my username or password?
    Click here www.easyuganda.net/forgot/
  16. What happens when you pay for me and i don't get the service i paid for from the service provider?
    No , when the service provider does not deliver to you . Let us know so that we request for a charge back . with our merchant account you wont loose your money like that we can get it back . We operate using a merchant account.
  17. How quickly will the Pay4Me be?
    It take usually between 5-30minutes to handle your request .
  18. How do I contact technical support?
    If you have questions e-mail us at admin[at]easyuganda.net
  19. How can I get answers to my billing questions?
    All billing questions should be e-mailed to admin[at]easyuganda.net


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